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The Treasury Outsourcing Company specialises in offering a comprehensive tactical and operational outsourcing solution to mid-cap and public sector organisation. This means that an organisation can choose to outsource its entire front, middle and back office or components of each, leaving you to focus on strategy.

It brings together experienced treasury professionals from key and different disciplines of treasury management from both the corporate treasury and banking sector. Together they are all committed to providing the highest levels of customer service set within a highly controlled, disciplined and transparent working environment.

Gautam Dhillon
 Founder & CEO

Why Treasury Outsourcing?

All organisations are aware of the importance of their treasury functions and thus many are instinctively reluctant to consider outsourcing it, but few organisations are actually aware of the advantages of outsourcing. There are several advantages to treasury outsourcing since it can quickly generate significant benefits like accessing world class operational capabilities, reducing cost and easing capital expenditure. While a reduction in costs is the most immediately appreciated benefit, other benefits are listed in the table below.

Our mission

Our mission is to become the leading treasury outsourcing provider to mid-cap and public sector organisation in the EMEA region. Segregation of duties, flawless execution, operational excellence and high levels of customer service will help us to realise our mission.

Advantages of Treasury Outsourcing
Strategic Focus The group treasurer is removed from day to day operations, which allows more time to focus on strategy.
Personnel and Systems Specialist and experienced treasury professionals using a dedicated treasury management software to manage the treasury operations.
Economies of Scale Organisations that can’t justify the capital expenditure of having a centralised treasury function can quickly access world class capabilities without incurring the significant IT set up costs these systems require.
Controlled Environment A highly controlled and disciplined environment used to execute treasury trades.
Segregation of Duties

We will be sufficiently resourced to ensure segregation of duties; this may not exist in smaller treasuries.

Market Knowledge Since we are entering the market every day we will have a much clearer picture on pricing, liquidity and the trends.
Disaster Recovery We have a disaster recovery arrangement in place and should the need arise we can carry on operating without any loss in functionality.
Treasury Manual We will give constant feedback on the tactical and operational aspects of your the treasury manual  - very often this will result in early identification of trigger events.

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